Rentar Environmental Solutions is the creator and manufacturer of The Rentar Fuel Catalyst, the global leader in pre-combustion fuel savings and emission reduction technology. Rentar multi-patented technology has been scientifically verified as safe and effective by some of the world’s foremost combustion testing facilities.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is the most cost effective means of achieving significant fuel savings and emission reduction.

Return-on-Investment is typically achieved through fuel savings in three to twelve months.

The true contact catalyst comes with a ten-year warranty, is easy to install, has no moving parts and requires no additional maintenance.

Depending upon the diesel engine application and specific circumstances, guaranteed fuel reduction ranges from 2% to 30% and greenhouse gas, particulate matter, soot and volatile organics reductions range from 12% to 50%. In properly developed carbon remediation projects The Rentar Fuel Catalyst may be employed as a means of generating Carbon Offsets, which provide a potential new revenue stream.

Most notable users of The Rentar Fuel Catalyst include CEMEX, Covanta Energy, Rogers Group, The State of Delaware, Rollet Brothers Trucking, and numerous school districts in the Northeastern United States.

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