CanDu Corporation is a unique Corporate Services & Relationship Management partner of innovative companies that are positioned at the forefront of leading-edge technologies and offer exciting opportunities.

  • Our business is focused on developing valuable growth opportunities for our partner-companies and sharing in those successes
  • We add value to our partners and clients by contributing exceptional experience and assets in customer acquisition, retention, service and satisfaction.
  • We have global scope and relationships that enable us to effectively span geographies, borders, languages, cultures and economies.

Our strategy is driven by The CanDu Spirit - Do it better, smarter, greener!

CanDu and our Green Technology partners assist businesses, organizations, schools, governments and healthcare providers to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints.
These sustainable practices are as good to your bottom line as they are for the environment. We can help your organization realize its energy reduction goals, efficiently and affordably. Contact us to learn how.

CanDu Introduction

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